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Our industry leading on-time performance and commitment to customer service are our greatest sources of pride, and continue to drive our growth as a dedicated transportation provider.These core values keep us consistently focused on the most important aspect of our business: serving the best interests of our valued customers.

We take the time to understand our customer’s unique interests and needs before designing a cross-border solution that will decrease costs and improve your bottom line. Buckland can handle all your Canada-US shipping needs including setting up a distribution centre in Canada or the USA.

There are many options available for you to consider when servicing a Canadian customer base from the US, or US customer base from Canada. Buckland can work with you to explore the many options available to improve your cross-border supply chain efficiency.

Let us help your business make the most of your transportation dollars.

The Buckland Advantage

When it comes to Transportation, see how Buckland does it best:

Less Than Load / Truckload

Tailoring solutions to your unique requirements

Buckland will design a transportation solution specifically for your individual needs.

Integrated Logistics EDI

Seamless distribution of information among suppliers

Buckland uses state of the art Electronic Data Interchange to keep your supply chain software completely up to date.

Reverse Logistics

Because delivery isn’t always the final step

Buckland can work with you to handle customer returns or unsold inventory and reduce the cost impact to your business.

Cross Border Consolidation

Reduce transport and clearance costs by consolidating into larger shipments

Use Buckland to combine border entries to reduce both your brokerage and freight spend.

Flat Bed Service

Versatile trucking solutions

In addition to enclosed trailers, Buckland offers very competitive rates for flatbed truck service.

Emergency Freight / Expedited Services

Providing timely solutions for urgent needs

Buckland has specialists ready to help take the stress out of those last-minute moves.


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