Keeping Current in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the Food and Beverage industry, Buckland understands that keeping goods moving and compliant is the key to your success. Our established track record in this industry means that we are well versed in the ever-changing requirements of the regulatory bodies in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The Buckland Advantage

When it comes to the Food & Beverage industry, see how Buckland does it best:

Support through multi-faceted services.

Buckland’s multi-country logistics expertise makes shipping and receiving easy for the Food & Beverage industry. From growers to processors and suppliers to distributors, Buckland has the experience to assist you with packaging, labelling, shipping, and customs release requirements unique to the industry.

Keeping the industry on top of policies and practices.

The Buckland Compliance and Advisory team ensures Food & Beverage customers are always in the know about changes to regulations and free trade agreements.

Specific care, close by.

In order to help you meet the complicated import and export requirements related to the Food & Beverage industry, we are well-versed in the activity of government agencies and regulations. Work with us to avoid penalties, fines or delays.

Access to status updates.

Know exactly where your shipments are and when they’ll be arriving or departing. Instant visibility of your perishable goods will put your mind at ease.