Buckland, Where Happiness Is Custom

The Buckland Advantage is not limited to our services. Here at Buckland we firmly believe that our ability to successfully move forward with our clients is a direct reflection of our company's internal atmosphere.

Buckland is my extended family and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful for the opportunities, education and support I have received since being employed with this company.

Sharon Malley, Receptionist/Data Entry Specialist

Not only do I get to work in a professional setting with a friendly staff, I also enjoy benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and IRA options. Our company also values continuing education and encourages the employees to take training courses either externally or internally. I would highly recommend starting a career at Buckland.

Laura M. Bixler, Customs Account Analyst

I like working for Buckland because of the company’s great education policy and benefits and I appreciate the opportunities. I love customer services and what I like best about my job is that my primary responsibility involves interacting with both employees and clients.

Elizabeth Irizarry, Office Manager

Perks and Benefits

Buckland is committed to going the extra distance in the benefits we extend to our valued employees.

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