Supplier Sustainability Policy 

At Buckland, we recognize the pivotal role that suppliers play in shaping the sustainability and ethical standards of our trade and logistics operations. This Supplier Sustainability Policy reflects our commitment to fostering responsible business practices and outlines the expectations we have for companies seeking to partner with us. 

1. Legal Compliance: 

Suppliers must strictly adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards within the regions they operate. This includes compliance with labor laws, environmental regulations, and any other legal obligations. A commitment to legal compliance is fundamental to our collaboration. 

2. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: 

We uphold the right of workers to freely associate and engage in collective bargaining. Suppliers are expected to respect and support these rights, providing an open and constructive environment for workers to organize and negotiate for fair wages and working conditions. 

3. Child Labour and Young Workers: 

We unequivocally oppose child labor and exploitation of young workers. Suppliers are required to implement policies that prohibit child labor and ensure the protection and development of young workers, in line with international labor standards. 

4. Ethical Recruiting: 

We expect suppliers to engage in ethical recruiting practices, ensuring fair and transparent hiring processes, and respecting the rights and dignity of workers. Recruitment practices should be free from coercion, exploitation, and any form of forced labor. 

5. Non-discrimination and Harassment: 

Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace extends to our suppliers. We expect them to maintain workplaces free from discrimination and harassment, promoting an environment where every individual is treated with respect and dignity. 

6. Women’s Rights: 

We actively support women’s rights and gender equality. Suppliers are encouraged to promote equal opportunities, fair wages, and supportive working conditions for all employees, irrespective of gender. 

7. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

We value diversity and believe in fostering an inclusive workplace. Suppliers are expected to embrace diversity, promote equity, and create an inclusive environment that respects the unique contributions of all individuals. 

8. Data Protection and Security: 

Suppliers handling personal and sensitive data must adhere to stringent data protection and security measures. Compliance with applicable data protection laws, safeguarding customer and employee information, is paramount to our partnership. 

9. Health and Safety Conditions: 

Suppliers must prioritize the health and safety of their employees. This includes implementing robust safety protocols, providing necessary training, and conducting regular assessments to ensure a safe working environment. 

10. Prevention of Bribery and Corruption: 

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption. Suppliers are expected to have clear anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, ensuring that their employees and representatives uphold the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. 

11. Human Rights and Working Conditions: 

We expect suppliers to uphold human rights and fair working conditions throughout their operations. This includes respecting the right to freedom of association, fair wages, and safe working conditions for all employees. 

12. Responsible Sourcing of Materials and Product Sustainability: 

Suppliers should prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes. Transparency regarding the origin and sustainability of sourced materials is crucial for building a sustainable supply chain. 

13. Animal Welfare: 

For suppliers involved in industries related to animals, ethical treatment and welfare standards are non-negotiable. Adherence to relevant animal welfare regulations, continuous improvement in animal welfare practices, and transparency in reporting are integral to our partnership. 

14. Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: 

We expect suppliers to actively contribute to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. This includes implementing eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon footprints, and engaging in initiatives that promote energy efficiency throughout the supply chain. 

15. De-carbonization Plan: 

Suppliers are encouraged to collaborate with us in developing and implementing de-carbonization plans. This includes adopting energy-efficient transportation, reducing emissions in manufacturing processes, and exploring renewable energy sources.

16. Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: 

To ensure adherence to this Supplier Sustainability Policy, we will actively monitor and assess supplier compliance. Suppliers are required to provide regular reports on their sustainability initiatives and progress, demonstrating their commitment to meeting and exceeding the outlined expectations. 

17. Intellectual Property: 

Suppliers are expected to respect and protect intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Any collaboration involving the exchange of intellectual property should be conducted with the utmost integrity and compliance with relevant laws. 

Buckland is committed to building a sustainable, ethical, and responsible supply chain. We believe that by working collaboratively with suppliers who share these values, we can create a positive impact on the environment, society, and the global community.

Buckland Whistleblower Channel  

Through the Buckland Whistleblower Channel, you can submit information about reprehensible matters or report actions that are unethical, illegal, or in violation of internal policies. The scheme is to be used to bring matters to light that would not otherwise have come to light. HR-related matters should first be reported to the immediate manager, director, or Human Resources department.

Items can be reported confidentially with an indication of name and contact information or, if desired, 100% anonymously.

All inquiries are treated confidentially and securely.