The Driving Force Moving Automotive Industry Clients Forward

We keep our customers in the Automotive industry on top of all relevant shipping and receiving issues in a number of ways: Canadian, US and Mexican logistics services, Compliance and Advisory teams, Trade Technology solutions support, and regional multilingual trade specialists.

From meeting Just In Time (JIT) demands, to supporting the automotive sector with the solicitation and maintenance of NAFTA suppliers, we’ll handle the hard work and ensure your industry keeps smoothly moving forward.

The Buckland Advantage

When it comes to the Automotive industry, see how Buckland does it best:

70 years of hard-earned automotive experience.

After 70 years of partnership, we’ve seen it all. Buckland has the expertise and experience to evaluate your needs, anticipate potential issues and advise you accordingly, ensuring your success.

Thorough understanding on every level.

We work with customers within the scope of Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three automotive manufacturing, and are familiar with their unique needs. We have been involved in capital equipment for plant startup, materials and commodities for manufacturing, and sourcing aftermarket parts.

Improving your return on investment, quality and efficiency.

Buckland assists you in realizing your Just-In-Time production strategy when it comes to your inventory. Our experienced JIT staff will ensure you receive fast clearance with no slowdowns, meaning you will have the right quantity and specified material in the right place, at the right time.

A woman-owned and operated company.

Buckland is a member of both Weconnect International and WBE Canada. These organizations connect business women with diverse and innovative suppliers in order to meet the growing global corporate demands. Additionally, by using a registered diverse company it is allowable to include logistics on diverse spend reporting.

24/7, 365 days a year.

Buckland’s all-hours support will ensure that your issues will not be delayed, so that your production lines can keep running.

Personalized and perfectly integrated into your automotive systems.

From detailed reports and status updates to highlighted KPI’s and real-time tracking, the technology and software Buckland develops and utilizes makes it possible for you to access all of your needed information at the click of a button. Buckland has the experience and resources to develop unique solutions for key partners to ensure an efficient and effective information flow, keeping you informed and confident in our services.