56. How to Get Ready for USMCA / CUSMA / T-MEC with Laura Terpsma, Esq.

The new USMCA / CUSMA / T-MEC trade agreement comes into effect on July 1, 2020, and it can be overwhelming for importers to consider the changes set to take place.

There are several significant changes from NAFTA to this new agreement, and importers will need to ensure they are informed so that they can ensure that they are maximizing cost savings, and protecting themselves from potential risks of non-compliance.

Listen in to our latest Beyond Borders Podcast featuring Laura Terpsma, Esq to better understand the changes and how to be prepared.

About Laura Terpsma

Laura Terpsma has a law degree from Brooklyn Law School and for the past 15 years has practiced as a compliance attorney in the fields of healthcare, trade and automotive compliance. She is a Certified Healthcare Compliance professional and previously has worked for the US Trade and Customs Office in New York City.

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