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Storing and Sharing, Done Right

If you don’t operate like every other business, it’s important that you’re not treated just like every other business.

Buckland’s warehousing and distribution services are tailored towards accommodating your specific supply chain needs by keeping your inventory safe in our top-notch facilities and then dispersing it in a fast and efficient way.

Our extensive experience in warehousing & distribution of goods will provide you with a competitive advantage in your value chain.

We pack, protect and promise that all of your goods will be completely, and cost-effectively, taken care of.

  • Modern & Secure Facilities
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • View Receipts & Shipping Documents Online
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Packaging Services
  • Long or Short Term Storage Available
  • 354,000 sq. ft. of storage facilities

The Buckland Advantage

When it comes to Warehousing & Distribution, see how Buckland does it best.

Finished Goods Storage

Long-term care for your shipments.

Your finished goods can stay in our secure facilities until the time that you need to utilize them.

Retail & Distribution

Getting your goods to where they need to go.

Our experienced logistics professionals will manage the distribution process from start to finish, all on your schedule and budget.


The solution for short-term and small shipments.

Our warehouse team can take care receiving incoming goods and loading them directly onto outbound methods of transportation. It’s the cost-effective and quick way to keep your materials moving.

Pick & Pack

Orders of any size can be properly prepared.

We’ll match any shipment with the right materials to protect it for travel, which is why we’ll quickly become your regional shipping hub of choice.

Consolidation & Deconsolidation

Grouping together or breaking down goods effectively.

Multiple shipments can either be consolidated for economical shipping or deconsolidated for simple distribution.

24/7 Access

Keeping you constantly in the know.

All important documents are easily accessible online, and in just a few clicks you can track where your inventory is, see when it’s been delivered and print out relevant receipts.

Shipping History

Access your past shipment information with ease.

Not only do we record what you’ve sent with us, but we make note of your preferences to ensure you get consistent assistance.

Inventory System Communication

Unmatched technology for information accessibility.

Our powerful in-house IT team can custom create systems that communicate with you directly for automatic fulfillment of your needs.

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