New Hours at Columbia Bridge – Laredo

Buckland has received notification from the Mexican Broker Association, documented on circular N-0197 dated September 15, 2017, stating new extended hours of operation at the Columbia Bridge (Customs 800) in Laredo, Texas which started on September 18, 2017.

Take into consideration the new extended hours of operation for Mexican Customs purposes.

Import / Importación
08:00 to 22:30hrs CSTExport / Exportación
08:00 to 22:30hrs CST

Bonded Designated Area / Recintos fiscalizados
South Access / Puerta Sur 07:30 to 22:30hrs CST
North Access / Puerta Norte 08:00 to 22:30hrs CST

Border Crossing CIITEV / Cruce de vehículos ligeros y “CIITEV”
08:00 to 00:00hrs CST

We are sharing this update with you as a valued Buckland customer and hope that this information will be useful to your business. As a customer-focused company, we provide you with a single source of unmatched Customs Brokerage (Canadian, US, Mexican), Trade Managed Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Trade Technologies and Warehousing / Distribution Services.

If you have questions, please reach out to Buckland.

Laredo After Hours Contact Information:

Victor Gordillo
Mobile 956-242-5562
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4521

Joe Campos (Warehouse)
Mobile 956-242-5309
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4506

Aaron Medrano (Warehouse)
Mobile 956-337-4117
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4568

Benito Zenil
Mobile 956-235-2938
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4504

Graciela San Miguel
Mobile 956-206-5337
Office 956-724-4463 Ext. 4536

Josue Gonzalez
Mobile 956-454-2526
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4549

Juan Montoya
Mobile 956-242-5050
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4515

Ethel Castillo
Mobile 956-778-2864
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4507

Pedro Encinas
Mobile 956-432-1828
Office 956-725-5714 Ext. 4503