Additional Exclusions for Section 301 Granted

It was announced by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on April 18, 2019, that there will be an additional 21 product exclusions from the Section 301 duties.

Section 301 duties apply to goods with Chinese origins and were initially applied in the summer of 2018. This is the third announcement of approved exclusions and listed 21 product descriptions, covering 348 separate exclusion requests. Previously, announcements of exceptions were made on March 25, 2019, and December 28, 2019. It is anticipated that there will be a fourth round of exclusions announced as well.

See the Federal Register from April 18, 2019, detailing this announcement with the list of goods here.

We encourage you to review your import activity to determine if you could be impacted by this change. Please reach out to Buckland if you could be eligible for these retroactive exclusions.