Aluminum Import Monitoring Regime

August 27, 2019 – A new Notice to Importers has been published by Global Affairs Canada reflecting the amendments to the Import Control List (ICL) and the issuance of General Import Permit (GIP) No. 83, for certain aluminum products. The purpose of this is to allow Global Affairs Canada to monitor imports of certain aluminum products and facilitate the collection of import data. These amendments are effective September 1, 2019, and the Notice also contains information on the terms, conditions and importer obligations when utilizing the new GIP No. 83.

Global Affairs Canada has stated in this notice that “Failure to cite the required GIP or not complying with the terms and conditions of the Permit may lead to the levying of penalties by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System, which authorizes the CBSA to assess monetary penalties for non-compliance with customs legislative, regulatory and program requirements.

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