CBSA System Defect

The following is a notice received from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that will be relevant to all clients and service providers who transmit trade data using EDI.

We are sharing this update with you as a valued Buckland customer and hope that this information will be useful and beneficial. As a customer-focused company, we provide you with a single source of unmatched Customs Brokerage (Canadian, US, Mexican), Trade Managed Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Trade Technologies and Warehousing/Distribution Services. If you have questions, please reach out to Buckland today.

On Sunday, March 5, 2017, the CBSA released further eManifest functionality to our external clients.  We have identified a system defect that is impacting the correct transmission of Cargo Control Numbers (CCNs) within Release Notification Messages (RNS).  The CBSA’s system is incorrectly converting the letters “I” and “O” to the numbers “1” and “0” in outbound messages.

For example, a CCN of COSU1234567I will incorrectly be converted to C0SU12345671.

The CBSA recognizes the impact to our external clients on this issue and is actively working on a resolution.

Until a system resolution is implemented, the CBSA recommends that carriers and freight forwarders refrain from submitting CCNs with the letters “I” and “O” to the CBSA.

For CCNs that have already arrived in a warehouse, warehouse operators can follow the instructions below to confirm whether a CBSA release decision is on file:

1)    The warehouse operator can submit an RNS Query to the CBSA using the CCN they arrived in their warehouse.  The CBSA will respond with a “Release” message if the CCN is released.  The warehouse operator can use this message as authorization to release this cargo to the importer/broker.
2)    The warehouse operator may accept the RNS message transmitted by the CBSA with characters incorrectly converted, as specified above.
3)     If the warehouse operator does not have the ability to submit an RNS Query, any EDI client may contact their nearest CBSA commercial office to obtain stamped proof of release.