CN Provides Notice of Container Movement Due to Congestion in Toronto & Montreal

Notice has been issued by the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) that as a result of congestion at terminals in Toronto and Montreal, some containers are being moved to secondary storage locations. (see copy of notice here)

CN is encouraging “all stakeholders to assist by picking up their import containers in a timely manner from our terminals”. The movement of steamship line containers by CN to alleviate congestion will be done without notice or authorization and the Importer of Record will be responsible for the moving costs.

The shuttle and storage fees for the Toronto and Montreal relief locations can be found in CN 9100: Item 6900 (Toronto), Item 6902 (Montreal) and Item 6905 (Montreal to Valleyfield). Please see CN 9100-Z Details & Pricing for Container Movements – 65006900 6905 6905.

The following are the CN authorized relief locations for the Toronto and Montreal facilities:



We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as more information is available.