Halt in Operations at Contecon Freight Terminal at Port of Manzanillo

Today, three trade unions at the Port of Manzanillo have stopped providing operational services at the terminal operated by Contecon Manzanillo.

This stoppage comes as a result of frustrations over delays that have been experienced at this terminal since the beginning of the year. Delays of up to 5 hours have been experienced prior to today’s halt in service, and it is not clear when this matter will be resolved. The unions are pursuing commitments from Contecon to establish an external location from the port for empty containers and improve loading manoeuvers and appointment schedules. This will have a direct impact on the processing of shipments at the Port of Manzanillo and will result in delays.

Buckland recommends that all Importers of Record and Exporters in Mexico take preventative measures and review logistics plans in order to avoid issues for shipments at the Contecon Terminal Port. Other terminals in Manzanillo include TIMSA, SSA, and OCUPA. Please reach out to your Customer Service Representative if you require assistance.

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