Medical Goods Imported into the US Excluded from China Tariff, Retroactive Refunds Available

It was recently announced that several medical products, motorcycle helmets, as well as other goods have been excluded from the Section 301 additional 7.5 percent tariff. These goods were on the List 4A goods from China. Tariff refunds will be eligible on items that are on this new exclusion list for tariffs paid on goods since September 1, 2019, and in place until September 1, 2020.

The exclusions include dental floss, motorcycle helmets, visual signaling equipment, plastic tumblers for healthcare facilities, plastic disposable id bands for medical patients, plastic manually-operated pill or tablet crushers, Bluetooth tracking devices and wireless communication apparatus cable of receiving audio data to be distributed to wireless speakers. Please see the USTR notice below for further details. Exclusion process for medical-care products open for comment until June 25, 2020.