Second Blue Water Bridge Closure Announcement

The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (The FBCL) announced the start of the Second Blue Water Bridge (SBWB) rehabilitation project, commencing on May 29, 2024 and ending in October 22, 2024. In a significant move, the SBWB will be closed for the first time in over two decades, while the First Blue Water Bridge (FBWB) will facilitate bidirectional traffic to maintain essential operations, please plan accordingly as wait times may increase during that time.

To ensure safe navigation through the construction zone, loads will be limited to less than 3m (10 feet) in width and toll booth operations will continue to provide uninterrupted service.

The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited publishes real-time images and wait times for traffic to their website to mitigate impacts to border wait times at the Blue Water Bridge. Additionally, CBSA publishes border wait times: United States to Canada at 26 of the busiest land border crossings, updated at least once an hour. USCBP publishes border wait times: Canada to United States.

CFIA reminds everyone involved in the transport process of live animals that they must be familiar with,  and follow, Canada’s transport of animals regulations. Make appropriate arrangements to provide feed, water, and rest at required intervals, and protect animals from the effects of extreme weather. This will be extremely important given the potential increased wait times at the Blue Water Bridge. Please plan accordingly.