U.S. Department of Commerce Issues Preliminary Antidumping Determination on Aluminum Extrusions Supplementing the Previous 4

The United States Department of Commerce has released a preliminary antidumping (AD) determination on aluminum extrusions from 14 countries, supplementing the previous 4 countervailing preliminary determinations issued in March 2024. Here are the countries and their corresponding AD and/or CVD case numbers:

New exclusions to the AD/CV cases have been introduced, notably for subassemblies. According to the Federal Register notice(s), these exclusions apply to merchandise containing multiple subassemblies of a larger whole with non-extruded aluminum components beyond fasteners. However, specific criteria must be met for exclusion eligibility.

Buckland recommends all customers review their client commodity databases/parts databases to screen for products that could potentially fall under the scope of the orders. Buckland Compliance is available to assist customers in navigating these cases and can provide consultation at an hourly rate to determine if clients’ products are in-scope.

Importantly, ADD/CVD on finished goods containing in-scope aluminum extrusions will only be applied to the value of the in-scope aluminum extrusion. For clarity, if an imported item, such as an air conditioner, is valued at $1000, with the in-scope extruded aluminum frame worth $600, ADD/CVD duties will only apply to the $600 worth of in-scope aluminum. Importers must ensure the value of in-scope aluminum is listed separately on import invoices to ensure accurate duty application.

For further details and source material, please refer to the following links:

Please ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.