Updated ACE Transition Timeline

This notice was posted today by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regarding the upcoming transition deadline for the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to assess stakeholder readiness for the mandatory transition of post-release capabilities in ACE.  In order to allow additional time for all stakeholders to prepare for this transition, and to provide the opportunity to solicit and receive public comment on the associated regulatory changes, CBP is rescheduling the October 29, 2016 transition.This transition includes the mandatory use of ACE for liquidation, drawback, reconciliation, duty deferral, collections, statements, and the Automated Surety Interface. CBP is targeting January 2017 for the revised deployment and mandatory date and will provide additional clarification regarding the precise transition date in the coming weeks.

All capabilities included in this transition that CBP has planned for the Certification environment (CERT) are operational in CERT.  CBP encourages trade users to take advantage of the additional time to test their software fully.

CBP also encourages the trade community to continue to participate in ACE Partner Government Agency (PGA) pilots.  PGAs will provide additional information regarding the conclusion of their pilots as appropriate.


Buckland has been proactive in ensuring that preparations for the transition to ACE are completed well ahead of schedule to so that client’s imports will not be impacted. Buckland has been filing all required PGA’s, even those which are not yet required. We have also been working with our forwarders and carriers to be sure that they are also sufficiently prepared.

ACE is changing the way that we do business and we encourage you to contact Buckland to find out how this affects you.